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Since 1991, PICKAPOOH has specialised in the design and production of ecological, sustainable, fashionable and high-quality hats and other accessories that babies, children and adults like to wear because of their good fit and soft, skin-friendly materials.

Since 1998, we have been producing exclusively from pure natural fibres; under strict ecological and social criteria – good for people, animals, plants and the environment. We only produce “MADE IN GERMANY”, in compliance with internationally accepted social standards and we only employ permanent staff. PICKAPOOH would be unthinkable without a team that wants to make a great product together! Our small company runs like clockwork – everyone is indispensable in our “to order” production system and their personal commitment ensures that our hats and other accessories are something very special every day.

We only work with merino wool from certified organic animal husbandry (kbT). Respect for people, animals and the environment are the guiding principles of organic animal husbandry. The sheep live in a species-appropriate, healthy and stress-free environment! The pastures fulfil all climatic and ecological requirements, i.e. no pesticides are used on the pastures or on the animals. The animals reproduce naturally, are not docked and are allowed to keep their horns. In short, fine wool from happy animals.

Our merino wool/silk blend is ideal for our hats and scarves, as the material regulates heat and moisture and thus supports a healthy skin climate. The hats made from this blend – 70% pure new merino wool from certified organic animal husbandry (kbT) and 30% silk – ensure a comfortable and pleasant wearing experience.

And we only use cotton from certified organic farming (kbA). No synthetic chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used in organic farming. Genetically modified seeds are prohibited. This means consciously avoiding negative impacts on people, health and the environment. We support fair trade under humane conditions.
We have been offering a completely natural UV protection collection since 2004. Since summer 2022, we now offer four different UV protection levels(UV Protect 30, 40, 60 and 80) – all certified in accordance with UV STANDARD 801. This standard tests under realistic wearing conditions and is recommended by Stiftung Warentest. It is much more reliable than the frequently used Australian-New Zealand standard, which only tests textiles when new and dry.

There are now 15 certified organic cotton fabrics in the classic colours flame, caribean sea, marine, red, dahlia, mystical, turbulence, slate green(UV80), jeans, azalea, golden yellow, green tea(UV60), cayenne, rosé(UV40) and taupe(UV30) – without any chemical additives. All items made from these materials provide safe and reliable protection against harmful UV rays – from 2 hours to a whole day!

Our special UV-protective textiles can be reliably recognised by the “UV-Protect” label of the UV-STANDARD 801. You can find detailed information at: .

We will be happy to advise you on the design of your product range.

As a small family business based in Hamburg, PICKAPOOH works quickly and attentively. Suggestions for improvement, requests and ideas are always welcome.

We look forward to your suggestions..


…we love making beautiful hats with a great fit from great fabrics – with love and by hand – for happy children and their parents!


Kleine Bahnstrasse 8
22525 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40 / 220 16 71

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