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How we work

Without a team that enjoys to create beautiful products together, PICKAPOOH would be unthinkable!

So let me introduce you to those people that help me satisfying your needs.
Our small company ticks like a clock – in our “to order” production system each and everyone is dearly needed and contributes with peak performance everyday to make our hats and accessoires something very special.

Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Spaß, die Menschen kennenzulernen, die für Sie jeden Tag ihr Bestes geben! Herzliche Grüße aus Hamburg Ihre Kerstin Tollmien

Be invited to meet my team!

Best regards
Kerstin Tollmien

The Office

Krystel is highly motivated and always positive in our office, responsible for our shop, order entry and dispatch. She is very cheerful and friendly and takes care of all customer questions and requests, including international ones.

We are delighted that she supports our team so actively, thank you very much!

Frank, the master of accuracy, is responsible for the bookkeeping and finances! That’s a great help, thank you very much!

Michaela, new to our team, an absolute all-rounder who immediately lends a hand in an energetic and very competent manner and brings a lot of good humour with her! Thank you very much, that’s good for us!

Design & Editing

At PICKAPOOH we work to get kids and their parents happy. With hats and caps that are cute, cosy to wear and that fit. Perfect fit sets PICKAPOOH hats apart from competition and makes them special!

My Team and I work jointly to turn my ideas to drafts, drafts to cuts and refined cuts to a fully graded set of sizes. All the way focussed on the perfect fit!

The Cut

In the cutting department Sigrid, Evgeni, Manuela and Zarif take care of the next work step. Using cutting plans, they cut the pieces from a wide variety of ecological fabrics that will later be assembled into hats, scarves, slippers, mittens and the many other items in our range.
Their work requires full concentration, because the saws are sharp! You carry out this task competently, quickly and with the utmost care!
You are a great team, thank you very much!

Safar, always wanted to start his own business, now he has his own tailoring shop in Norderstedt, Nadel und Faden, we are very happy for him!

It’s great for us that he continues to work for us in tailoring, just in his own shop! Thank you very much for your great support!

Sewing Room

There is always a lot to do in the sewing room.
Without Gisele, Sonya, Anelia, Tina, Tatjana, Barbara, Mustafa,Britta, Ani,Swita und Dani these competent, efficient and highly productive ladies and gentlemen, all PICKAPOOH hats would be unfinished business. With the eye for detail, experience and full concentration this is the heart of our production in Hamburg. This is where hats, mitten, booties, scarves and all other products are “hand-made in Hamburg, Germany”.

This team ensures the high quality you expect from our products.

Thank you all for your efforts, each and everyone is important for our joint success!

Quality Control

All PICKAPOOH products are processed, ironed, sorted and made ready for dispatch with the highest quality. Thank you very much for your great support!

You expect consistently high quality and Vera makes sure that you are not disappointed. She has every single part in her hand to cut threads, pull in tunnel tapes and knot ribbons. Thank you very much for your reliable service!

If she misses something, don’t hold it against us, we try our very best every day!

Eylem is our specialist at the ironing machine, in ribbon planning, she knows all the colour numbers of the fabrics and the corresponding ribbon colours, brilliant! And she makes sure that your caps are in perfect shape when they leave our premises. She is also a great support in the dispatch department.

She is top all-rounder, thank you for your professional work, Eylem!

With a steady hand and always cheerful, Soraya prepares all the brims and umbrellas for production.

She is also a great support in quality control, thank you very much for that!


Karin Riekert owns and leads our external production company with her full-hearted energy, her determination and her special knowledge. Riekert Tex and some of their employees are fully specialised in PICKAPOOH products. Together with Karin they provide the extra capacity we need on a daily basis to make even more children happy. High personal engagement and love for our products are important personal qualifications to succeed.

Sales Team

Retailers from Northern Germany and Berlin will know Marlis Wengel, our sales agent for the region. For many years she supports her customers in selecting the right mix from our wide range of products, based on her long-standing experience in the field.

Her lively temper is a great support during our main retailer trade show INNATEX at Wallau near Frankfurt (

Our collaboration is great fun!

Marlis Wengel
Im Buckhornwald 7b
22359 Hamburg
Tel. 040-6030193

Marketing & Photography

Sabine Strokosch, even when we met for the first time, we felt our bond! With a lot of calmness and great joy in photography, great moments and photos are created with her in the team in the photo shoot for our catalogues, the homepage and for our customers! I am very happy that we are working together, it is a lot of fun with you!

Olaf Lochschmidt is an important pillar that has made PICKAPOOH what it is today!

He was involved in marketing and photography with a lot of heart and passion and is responsible for the many super, beautiful and lively photos that have been taken over the past decades!

You are so great and it is always a great pleasure to look at the great photos, thank you very much!

Without this support, this cap manufactory would not have come this far!

Katharina Tello, a freelance photographer from Berlin, contacted us unsolicited. She wanted to provide us with pictures of her children, who love wearing PICKAPOOH hats. Kathi’s unique picture style is a great addition to our picture gallery.

IT - Computer & Co

At PICKAPOOH “IT” stands for „invisible Tom“. Since the beginning of 2016 he guarantees – invisible as a brownie – during our off-times the smooth operation of all our IT systems. Thanks to that I do not have to think about the infrastructure and can concentrate on the essentials – hats & more.

Thank you Tom, you are a perfect match!

Our photo kids and their great parents

I do not remember exactly how many beautiful, exhausting, funny and cheerful photo shootings we had with our photo kids. It has always been very personal, familiar and close meetings with the children as well as their parents.

I thank you all for your trust and so many beautiful moments!


Yes, my family, what would I and PICKAPOOH be without them. All as they are there give me power through their love, support me in creative processes with ideas, suggestions and help! And they catch me when it really became too much. This is of unpayable value!

Without all of you PICKAPOOH would not be what it is today. I thank you with all my heart!


…we love making beautiful hats with a great fit from great fabrics – with love and by hand – for happy children and their parents!


Kleine Bahnstrasse 8
22525 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40 / 220 16 71

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