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PICKAPOOH covers all seasons

Spring/ Autumn, where you will find our transitional hats, in cotton knit or in 70% wool 30% silk. We think that you can wear them all year round, so they are a year-round hat! You are sure to find a warm, soft and temperature-regulating companion that feels really good on your head!
In any case, the hat is cut and sewn by hand with a lot of love!
In order to be able to deliver this collection all year round, our great contract manufacturer Karin Riekert supports us with her entire team

Summer collection
The sun is shining, what a beautiful time of year! With a sun hat or peaked cap from our collection you are always well protected and you feel comfortable, that is very important to us!
Without exception, we use 100% organic cotton or 100% organic linen, always without chemical additives.
Depending on how long you spend outside in the sun, we have the right protection for your head to prevent sunburn!

Winter collection
Winter is also a great season to enjoy when no one is freezing. The head plays an important role here, because we lose a lot of heat through our heads!
We take care of that, choose one of our cosy, warm and soft winter hats made of 70% merino wool with 30% silk or 100% merino wool and you can enjoy the winter to the full!


…we love making beautiful hats with a great fit from great fabrics – with love and by hand – for happy children and their parents!


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22525 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40 / 220 16 71

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