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Mads doesn’t necessarily have a lot of hair yet – so headgear is all the more important to him. But he pulls everything off his head – except for PICKAPOOH hats. That’s completely crazy. It started with the wool/silk baby hat – the next one he didn’t want to take off was the woolen fleece hat for the winter. This summer was the worst. I bought him several sun hats – but only one stayed on his head permanently. We are really happy to have discovered the brand because we like the hats a lot – and there is no cooler sun hat with neck protection than Tom from PICKAPOOH.

Kristina J. #

Kristina J. #

For me as a mum of 2 kids, these are simply the best hats!

I appreciate the great quality, the good fit, and the huge selection of different styles, colors, and fabrics.

Julia P.

Julia P.


We are Malia, Mubina and Lucas R.

We like the PICKAPOOH products very much because they can be combined so well with each other and are of great quality.

My personal favorite is the Strunzl wool/silk hat because you can always wear it, even on summer days when it’s a bit windy, you simply don’t sweat in it and it still keeps you nicely warm.

We feel embraced by these beautiful products every day!

Mubina R.

Mubina R.





…we love making beautiful hats with a great fit from great fabrics – with love and by hand – for happy children and their parents!


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